Today we will be looking at how you can make great sales ethically in your pharmacy from treating malaria and other simple ailment. This is an addition to our current series on building  HOW A YOUNG PHARMACIST WITHOUT MONEY CAN START A PHARMACY.

There is a question I always ask all young pharmacists during interviews because companies pay us to interview their job candidates. That question is TELL ME HOW YOU CAN ETHICALLY TREAT MALARIA WITH N10,000. From my experience, less than 10% can tell you how. Unfortunately too a lot of the pharmacy business owners dont think that treating malaria ethically is possible with N10,000.

So let me work you through the process of treating malaria with N10,000. Note that the steps is that same for all Disease states in any pharmacy in any location. Now lets start. But it must not be 10,000. It can be 5000, 3000, 20,000. The point is for your to know how to grow your pharmacy business sales. Not that every step listed below is important in making that sales.

Patient walks in and the process starts

Good morning sir, how was your day? I can see you are not looking so happy. How are you feeling?

Patient explains

Okay, from your explanation, I think you have Malaria which is as a result of plasmodium parasite injected into your blood stream by Anopheles mosquitoes. The parasite is attacking the red blood cells in your body which is why your urine is dark coloured and you are having some bitter taste in your mouth from the iron released from the destruction of the red blood cells. So we need to give you something that will clear the parasite from your blood and also last long enough in your blood to clear the parasites that are in your liver which is where the parasites go to multiply.

So here is what we will give you

  1. CAMOSUNATE   – N1000 –This will clear the parasite from your blood stream and last long enough to clear it from your liver
  2. HIGH END MULTIVITAMIN -N5000 — This will help to rapidly rebuild the destroyed red blood cells that the plasmodium parasite has destroyed in your body. You need this because your body needs to replace the destroyed red blood cells fast and effectively so as to avoid your developing anaemia. But remember to start it after you have finished your antimalaria medicine to avoid the multivitamin reducing the efficacy of the anti malaria
  3. PANADOL UK – 1000 – You need this to effectively control your body temperate which the destroyed particles of your red blood cell is causing to rise.
  4. IMMUNE BOOSTER SUPPLEMENT N5000 – Because we live in a malaria endemic area you need something to boost your immunity so that you dont keep coming down with malaria
  5. ROYAL GELLY – 5000 – Madam we have this gelly capsules derived from the queen bee that helps reduce the effect of stress on the skin of women and its just N5000. I want to add one for you so that you can see the effect it will have on your skin


This is just for treating malaria to give the patient the best result and if you look at all the drugs dispensed, nothing was out of place.

The video below contains a live example of how I showed a pharmacy that we trained their staff how to convert a customer that came to buy N200 cream to spend N6000 in buying skin care products



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