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Please Nigerian citizens need your help more than I need your appreciation.

I have been getting a lot of calls from a lot of pharmacists calling to say thank you for helping them solve one problem or another. I want you to know that I really appreciate your calls of gratitude and it is what has helped me not to give up. However, I really would prefer to get a call from someone who would call me to say someone is helping Nigerian citizens because he or she wants to give back part of what you helped them get.

I truly believe that each and everyone of us  was created by God in a chain of problem solving reaction. A lot of Nigerian citizens are passing through some tough times and most of them may not have access to the best solution to their problem but they have access to you.

Most likely God positioned me to help solve your problem so that you can solve the problems of a lot of other people. I just got a text message from a young pharmacist asking me to be his mentor because within 30 days of his contacting me, his life and career had completely changed beyond his widest imagination.

I met him today and told him to make sure that the benefit of his meeting me and having his income and quality of life jump up drastically, that he should get that favour shared out to Nigerian citizens  that are all around him.

My life was touched few years back by some group of people who did not know me and had no reason to want to do anything for me. These guys chose to help me out of the financial hole that I was in and today I am living an above average life.

I have ensured that what they did for me did not end with me. At least every month, more than 100 Nigerian citizens lives are changed because they got to meet someone like me.

So, start to help those around you especially Nigerian citizens who are currently passing through difficulties and we will make this country a great place.

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