Discover Why Some People Can Never Be Rich In Their Life Time

Pastor Mensa Otabils told a story of a young man who was told while he was growing up that louvers were expensive. They lived in a shanty without louvers, that the windows was shuttered up.

Then as the young man was growing up, he held the believe from what his mother told him that window louvers were expensive.
He grew up, was doing well in business and even got married. Then one day, the wind blew off the windows of his house and because his mother had told him that louvers were expensive, he could not get himself to even price a Louvre to fix his window. He simply boarded them up.
His wife kept complaining that he should fix the window but his believe just would not allow him to go and price a window Louvre. Finally, one day his wife was so much on his case that he invited a carpenter to give him an estimate of what it will cost him to fix the windows with lourves.

When he saw the amount, he was in shock.
He asked the carpenter to please confirm that he had the estimate was right and the carpenter told him that it was right. The man went to his room and started crying. He just realised that compared to his net worth, louvers cost less than peanuts

. He realised that he could afford to buy millions of louvers if he wanted to and for months he had been living in a house without lourves because of a belief he never bothered to verify.
You would be shocked to discover that most of your believes about becoming successful and confident are wrong. You may discover that a lot of the obstacles you believe are there to keep you from becoming confident and successful do not exist.
For years, a young man stuck with getting estimated electricity bill because he thought that using the prepaid metre was much more expensive. Despite the fact that the estimated bill that was being sent to him was very high, he still believed that it was cheaper than the prepaid billing system.
This was until he compared his bill with that of a friend that had more gadgets and was using prepaid. He was surprised at what the friend was paying which was far less than what he paid monthly and no one threatened his friend with electricity disconnection.
You are where you are in life because of your believes about life. Unfortunately, most of the believes you have are wrong. But you would never know that they are wrong until you compare your believe with the result someone with an opposing belief has.
So, if you desire to build your wealth and self confidence, it is critical that you subject your core believes about success and confidence to analyses. See if they are verifiable based on the principles of becoming successful and confident or if they are just false assumptions that you have been holding for long, believing that they are real.
There is this story that Bob Procter told about himself and his wife. In his family, while growing up, they ate the leafy part of spinach and threw away the bulb but where his wife was growing up, in her own family, they ate the bulb and threw away the leafy parts.
He said that when they both got married and wanted to eat spinach, he told his wife that the bulb was not edible and his wife was amazed and told him that it was the leafy part that was not edible.

Imagine the quantity of spinach both of their families for generations wasted because they had a believe about a vegetable that made them waste foodstuff that would have fed their families.
You would have wasted and will continue to waste a lot of opportunities that will come your way because you hold onto a believe that you cannot even say who you picked it up from and that believe has been holding you down.
Most importantly, it is critical that you subject all the working believes you have picked up from your parents and family members while growing up, to thorough scrutiny. A lot of them may be what is keeping you down.
Imagine that your mother or father worked on an estate or a guest house were the workers were told not to look the guests in the eye directly. Then your parents told you that it was wrong to look into the eyes of your superior. Imagine what that can do to your self-confidence.
If you love your parents and family members but at the bottom of your heart, you do not like their level of self-confidence or achievements, then it is critical that you analyse your belief system because most of your belief system would have been picked up from what you saw your parents and family members do.

If you do not scrutiny your believe system, it is very likely that your will achieve almost exactly or close to your parent’s achievements.
The believes of your close friends are also critical because you will readily pick up what they say and practice it even if what they tell you is wrong. I personally had held unto some notions I picked up from friends while in secondary school most of which I later found out were wrong but I had been operating my life up to the point of confirmation with those notions
It is also critical that you subject your cultural beliefs to scrutiny because they may also be what is making a low confidence executive
I was holding a training on building executive confidence for the new recruits of a company.

One of the new intakes practically refused to look into the eyes of the person he was talking to. He would always look at the floor while talking to you. He said in his village, he had been taught that it was rude to look into the eyes of a superior or elder.
Now imagine the kind of sales executive a person with that believe system will become when he goes to market his company’s products with that believe system. It was when I pointed out to him that in the business world, avoiding eye contact while speaking to a client could be interpreted as your lying or not sure of what you are saying. That was when he began to work seriously on himself to get to look into people’s eyes when talking to them.

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