Power of technology is why a lot of pharmacy business owners are very rich while lack of deployment of power of technology in others is why they are poor.

I recently had a car breakdown where my car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and refused to start.

I called my mechanic and he did all he could but the car still refused to start. He then called a colleague that had a diagnostic kit for cars. The Guy charged us N4000 the diagnosis and within five minutes told my mechanic what was wrong with the car.

My mechanic changed the faulty part he pointed out and the car swung back into action. Imagine the impact of the power of technology in resolving an issue that was taking man hours with ot headway from my mechanic.

A lot of small pharmacy business owners are suffering because they have failed to deploy the power of technology in their businesses.

For instance, there was an app I saw with a young pharmacist where if you key in the symptoms will tell you the likely ailment that can cause the symptoms. This can help to radically improve the diagnosis the community pharmacists make.

The CCTV is a highly under utilised tool that most pharmacist have in their business. If you have a CCTV for instance, a weekly review will show you how your staff attend to patients and how long it takes you to attend to patients. A CCTV will let you know who your regular customers are and let you know when they stop coming.

There are accounting softwares that can show you but in figures and pictures, you highest selling products, you best sales days in a week and the projected revenue over a given time period that your business can make

So, if you are a business owner and have not started to deploy the power of technology then you have been shooting yourself in the foot.

You can start by deploying social media in your business by at least linking and befriending all your customers on facebook and other socialmedia platforms so that you can build loyalty among your customers to your business

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