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NOTE: I am publishing this mail I got from a young pharmacist who wrote in response to one of my articles where I talked about perimetre fencing.

Last year, I had gone to meet the Lagos state P.I.C  over this perimetre fencing where pharmacist who doesn’t want to register a place will just apply for location approval and never go beyond that, but was told that there was nothing like that. I had evidence then but did not want to go into a mud fight with the P.I.C.

Now I hope our PCN registrar will respond to this cry for help from a young pharmacist and I want those in at PCN office in Abuja to look into this. The young lady has also included her email for help. This is an era of change and we really want to see that change. Her mail reads…….

Dear Sir,


You just narrated a similar happening experienced under the PIC for Zone 6 (Ikotun-Egbe Zone of Lagos state).
It was my experience.
In my own case, I did a thorough search at PCN Yaba Zonal office using their computer records.
At the end of the search, there was NO RECORD of an existing premise.

Surprisingly, on the appointed day for the Location Approval of my proposed premise, the PIC visited my premise only to CLAIM that there is a property near-by with Location Approval that was done in 2012 i.e three (3) years ago.
They said that the they would favour the owner even though it was obvious that he did not renew the Location Approval CLAIMED to have been done in 2012.
Did they say three (3) years ago!!!
Yes ooo!!!!

Among the PIC team that visited my proposed premise, three (3) of them were old cronies of the owner of the other premise. Once I observed this, I knew that the chances of getting fair hearing in the matter was next to nothing. The option to co-exist was even thrown out of the window before it was raised.

For want of space I may not be able to type-out how this case has progressed. But I must say that a lot of unwritten rules were factored in and out by PCN when they handled this case.

For example, the official books that guide the action of PCN or Pharmaceutical Inspectors did not state any where that Location Approval has an expiry date of six (6) months. But anyone who has had something to do with Community Pharmacy practice in Nigeria would tell you that there is a rule like that.
Yes, you would be told that there is a rule which says that Location Approval expires after six (6) months. It is common knowledge to us all…!!!

My people, if Location Approval cannot expire, what it means now is that anybody who obtains Location Approval for a premise in 2015 for example can decide to allow the site to lie fallow for as long as he likes.
But when he learns that a new premise is about to open near-by, he would then resurrect and make effort to strangulate the person’s dreams & savings.
It is sooo… unfair! I even took this matter up with the PCN Registrar but it was thrown out again.
What a pity for posterity!!!
Pls if anyone knows how to handle this case, kindly e-Mail:


Now I think this is a clear case of the perimetre fencing that I have been screaming about but was told that I was just trying to discredit Lagos inspectors. If this young lady raised this issue with the pcn registrar and was told that there was nothing she could do about it, then its just a pity but I believe that maybe the PCN registrar did not get to see her letters.

This thus is an avenue for the PCN registrar to redeem his image before we put him in the category of Goodluck Jonathan men like Deizen Alison Madueke and start looking for a Buhari in PCN. Get what I mean?

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