A friend recently was asking how he could get rid of the huge growth on his head. He had tried surgery but it did not work.

Pharmacists have been recommending steroids to him but he us scared of the effect. I want to share the way another friend used to get rid of his own keloid and it is with the use of CYROTHERAPY.

Cyrotherapy is a process were liquid nitrogen is applied to the keloid over a period of time. The nitrogen or other gases used are sprayed locally on the growth and the gas freezes the growth.

When the growth thaws, scales are formed on it that peels off and reduces the size of the growth. This session is repeated over a period of weeks until the entire growth is eliminated.

The great thing about cyrotherapy is that the growth rarely comes back. The scare it leaves behind is also very small. Cyrotherapy is also great because it is not a surgical procedure but a process of making the growth form scales the peel off on their own.

Currently, in Nigeria, there is a centre somewhere in Ilorin that conducts cyrotherapy. But I believe that there must be other centres too in Nigeria.

Kindly read more about it if you have a growth that is not malignant to know if it will help you get rid of that growth. Best of luck to you and all those that have been asking me about the solution to their keloids.

Pharmacists can also leverage on cyrotherapy. You can read it up and see if it is something you want to introduce into your practice. You can help your patients with keloid if you understand cyrotherapy. The only warning I give is that you must test the growth to be sure that it is not malignant.


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