Choosing A Path To Wealth As A Pharmacist Training

path to wealth

Choosing a path to wealth or Planning for your future deliberately is something I am sure you have not done as a pharmacist. I am sure that you have never sat down to ask yourself the route you think you can best succeed at as a pharmacist.

This is part of the reasons why the path to wealth that most pharmacists start with is as a medical sales rep and most young pharmacists often discover after many years that the job of a sales rep is not a good path to wealth and most tend to start to regret reading pharmacy.

I have decided to write about the various path to wealth that a young pharmacist can follow and become financially free within five years. Now, none of the paths to wealth I will be discussing is easy but if you can start from day one to follow a deliberately choosen path, you will have a great head start over your mates and colleagues.

Some of the paths to wealth I will be sharing are the common routes  you know must pharmacists follow but I will be exposing the danger points that sink a lot of pharmacists who just jump into a path without planning. If you read all the path to wealth that I will be talking about, you can determine for yourself the best path to wealth that suites your personality. For instance, I love teaching but I also love making money. This means that the to path to wealth open to me will be to become either a lecturer or a business consultant. I chose consulting because I though I love to teach but I cannot see enough wealth in lecturing in a school full time.

I will however be talking more about routes that very few pharmacists have exploited seriously but which if you understand and it suites your personality, you can become very fulfilled along that path to wealth.

But I want to start by first running the free seminar that I have scheduled on the 20th and 21st of feb 2015 where I will teach on the basis for discovering principles that have for ages made many people very rich.

After sharing these principles at the seminar, then we can focus more on the individual path to wealth that a young pharmacist can take.

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