How Can A Nigerian (e.g Pharmacist) Make It Big In Nigeria

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How can a Nigerian like a pharmacist make it big in Nigeria is one question that I have been asked any time I go to speak to a group of pharmacy students in Nigeria. There seems to be a fear of the future in young pharmacists who are not sure if they should stake their future in this country or seek brighter prospects outside the shores of the country.

Well, I will not claim to have the right answer but I think the first step to making it big in Nigeria is to believe that you are going to make it big.

There is nothing as powerful as an unshakeable belief in your ability to succeed. Once you have that unshakeable belief, you would stop seeing what other people regard as failure as failure. You would rather start to see it as practical lecture on ways you would not succeed.

The next thing I think you need to do if you want to make it big in Nigeria is to see your certificate as just a gate pass into a bigger training field and not a meal ticket. The moment you stop seeing your degree as a critical tool for becoming successful is another point you have crossed a major huddle that keeps a lot of people poor.

Most people acquire certificates thinking that its their certificate that will make them successful. Your interest should be more on the knowledge that you will acquire which the certificate represents. This means that you need to put more interest in the knowledge that gave you the certificate and make sure you always have the latest knowledge that your certificate represents.

People usually find it strange when I tell them that I have not collected my university degree certificate more than ten years after graduation. They wonder how can a ┬áNigerian pharmacist abandon his degree certificate? I don’t bother with the certificate because I make sure that I have the latest information that the certificate represents. I only need to speak and nobody will doubt that I have the key knowledge to solve their problem.

You need to realise that certificate should just be an evidence that you have the key knowledge to solve critical problems in an area. I just finished an online course by the WORLD BANK group but I am not bothered about getting the certificate because I did it for the knowledge (Okonjo Iweala amazingly was one of our on-line lecturers)

I want you to watch these videos I put up for those asking how can a Nigerian make it in Nigeria. I think the videos have the other critical information you need to grasp if you want to know how can a Nigerian make it big in Nigeria. After watching the video, download here the audio of messages I have recorded that can show you how to grow yourself in the current challenging situation that Nigeria is facing.

You can also attend my weekly business class session at 21 Itire road Mushin Lagos or call me on 08023622171.

I hope that you will not still be asking how can a Nigerian make it big in Nigeria after this







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