My wife was angry with my son’s poor performance at his school mid term test. The boy scored low in some subjects but I was very happy with him and this was strange to his mother.

I was happy with my son poor performance because being in primary one, the boy can read and write three to four letter words as long as he could sound them but his teachers expect him to write it even if the spelling does not go with the sounding.

I am more concerned with his ability to read a word and make meaning out of it than for him to cram and paste what his teachers expected him to write but not know what the words mean or where to apply them.

For instance he did not score high in English but few days back as I was driving the whole family to shoprite in Lekki, he suddenly asked his mummy ”MUMMY WHY DONT THEY ALLOW PETS INTO THIS PLACE”. His mummy and I did not know where the question was coming from until I saw the notice on the wall that said ‘PETS NOT ALLOWED’

I would rather have a son who can make practical sense with the knowledge he has than a boy that can answer all the questions in a test correctly but cannot apply the knowledge he has in really life situations.

A lot of times, I have tried to tell my clients never to judge the staff we recruit with the test questions we give them. I personally hate giving GMAT like questions at interviews because that is not the kind of problems my client would want the staff to be solving when employed.

I have always recruited pharmacists who answer the questions HOW CAN YOU TREAT MALARIA EFFECTIVELY AND MAKE A SALES OF N10,000 very well  but cannot tell me who is the current Registrar of PCN or the requirements for becoming a fully register pharmacists in Nigeria.

Though my wife is not happy with my son’s test score but one thing we both have learnt from the boy is never to answer any of his questions without first getting the logic behind it because the guy has a way of roping us in once we give him a straight answer to a seemingly simple question.

For instance, if he asks his Mummy Is it good for people to be very fat and she says NO and he asks her again does food make people fat? This is the point you need to ask yourself what is for dinner because most likely he does not like the food that is for dinner. If you say yes to that last question then his conclusion for you will be aah, Thank God I don’t want to be fat ooh and so I will not eat my food this night.

My point is that my son has taught me to focus on the practical application of acquired knowledge rather that copying and pasting.

Business owners must focus on people who can solve their problems rather than those who have all the right answers but don’t know how to apply it to the problems your business is facing.

My son spelt NIGHT as NAIT by sounding the word and spelling it according to the sound for me. Though I corrected him (even if I could not explain to him how something that sounded N A I  T is spelt N I G H T ) but I am satisfied that he can spell words out of trying to making meaning rather than just writing the correct spelling but not being able to relate what he spelt to the action it relates to.

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