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I have been watching the unfolding drama being played out between the APC and the senate president of Nigeria Bukola Saraki. The more I watch the drama, the more it hit me that this is actually a typical scenerio that plays out in a lot of business relationships.

I have decided to distill some business lessons from what is happening to Bukola Saraki so that business owners can see the warning signs that Bukola Saraki missed and also learn from how he is managing his battle

LESSON 1. BE CLEAR ON WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU BEFORE JOINING A TEAM OF MERCENARIES FOR A WAR: Bukola Saraki did not explicitly ask for the senate president when the APC was still weak and trying to consolidate on how to get Jonathan out. If like David in the bible who asked what will be given to the man that killed Goliath, Bukola Saraki had asked for in writing for what was in the game for him, he probably will not be in the mess he found himself

LESSON2- HAVE SOME DIRTY LINEN OF THE PEOPLE YOU ARE IN AN UNHOLY ALIANCE WITH. Bukola Saraki by now would blame himself for not keeping recordings of some of their dark meetings when they were trying to get rid of GEJ. A lot of people are in transactings with other people that they know they cannot trust yet they do not take any major step to safeguard themselves. Even the Daugther inlaw of Judah son of Jcob in the bible was smarter than Bukola Saraki because when she wanted to play some dirty games with her father inlaw who was trying to defraud her, she made sure she had enough evidence to nail him. The master of this art seems to be IBB who has someting on almost everyboidy which is why no one has ever mustered the courage to try him

LESSON 3 – YOUR VALUE IN A TRANSACT DECREASES RAPIDLY AFTER THE TRANSACTION HAS PASSED WHERE YOU WERE HIGHLY VALUABLE – Saraki was crucial to APC for them to win Kwara state but he failed to realise that his value diminished drastically once the election was won. Bukola saraki should have gotten a solid committment from the key APC players when he was still crucial to the victory. The Mamre brothers helped Abraham to win the battle against the five kings but after that battle was won, no mention of them was made again despite the fact that the story of Abraham still continued

4. LESSON 4 – EVEN AMONG YOUR KEY FRIENDS ALWAYS KNOW THOSE THAT CAN DESTROY YOU AND PREPARE YOUR ARSENAL AGAINST THEM JUST IN CASE – From day one, Bukola Saraki should have known that Tinubu could take him out and since he knew that he had political ambition that may clash with the interest of Tinubu, he should have covered his back by building solid alliances from day one. Jesus always knew that Judas who was on his team was against him and thus he never took Judas for his crucial training sessions.

5. LESSON 5 – MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM A TRANSACT THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN- If Bukola Saraki had stated clearly from the word go that he wanted the post of the senate president for him to commit to the APC camp, then he would have garnered enough support to avoid this messy issue that he found himself. James and John the disciples of Jesus went to him to ask for a seat in heaven. unlike the other apostles, they did not hide their intention hoping that Jesus would know what they want

However, I need to admit that Bukola Saraki has shown some master strategies I admire, that most business people would never have seen when pressed down.

The second part of this series will be focusing on the business lessons from Bukola Saraki checkmating of APC

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