This Buhari economic recessions is hitting a lot of pharmacists and business owners in Nigeria very tough. Unfortunately, we have been responding negatively to this buhari economic recession that most of us voted in.

Unfortunately too, we have forgotten what is written by King David in the Psalms where he said that his stress has expanded him. King David was praying for insight on how to benefit from his stress induced expansion.

I think where most of us are missing it is by looking longing at what we used to enjoy before this recession hit, without trying to find out what the future holds for us in the midst of this economic recession.

Although a lot of us are complaining about the current dollar exchange rate, but I know a colleague that recently started exporting charcoal to Europe when the recession hit his former business. He is almost daily praying that the exchange rate will get to 500.

He decided to expand himself during this buhari economic recession rather that allow the economic recession to crush him. If as a pharmacy owner you realise that people can no longer afford to pay for hospital bills, you will see that you can expand your business by taking time to master the latest best practices in clinical pharmacy and also developing your business management skills.

You can expand yourself by taking time to spot the loop holes in your business. This is the time to make sure that all hidden financial loopholes are filled up in your system.

Its time for us to stop bemoaning our fate and rise up like David to expand within the stress that this economic recession has brought upon us. If David could expand in stress, we too can all expand within our different Buhari economic recession imposed stress.

You also need to start to read about financing and finance because a lot of the stress that you would be facing in this economic recession will be related to finance. I will suggest you start reading financial books and newspapers.

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