This is a breaking news for pharmacists in Lagos. The registrar has mandated the Lagos zonal office and sent a team from Abuja to look into the various cases that pharmacists are having in Lagos.

My phone has been ringing with calls from pharmacists how have unresolved cases with the P.I.C in Lagos. They said they have been contacted to come for a resolution of their cases.

This is indeed a breaking news and a welcome development to pharmacy practice in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general. It shows that our Registrar is set to reposition Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.

This breaking news should be spread to all pharmacists in Lagos. If you know any pharmacist in Lagos who is currently having issues with the P.I.C or anybody concerned with pharmacy regulations in Lagos, advise him or her to rush down to the PCN zonal office in Lagos and make sure he or she sees the zonal director so that their case can be addressed also.

I also want to appreciate the Abuja PCN office for this prompt and wonderful action. After our meeting in Abuja two weeks ago, they promised to send a delegation to Lagos to address the issues in Lagos. I am glad that they are now fulfilling their promise.

Justice has indeed come to Lagos. I also pray the PCN team to extend this visit to other states of the federation. I don’t think it’s only Lagos pharmacists that are having this challenge. It’s just that there is someone in Lagos speaking out for things to be done properly.

I want to advise that if you have any issue, kindly get all your documents and correspondence with PCN and make sure you unfailingly come to PCN office today or latest tomorrow. Most of the meetings have been slated for hearing tomorrow so time is really crucial.

For more update on this breaking news, contact me on 08023622171

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