boko haram

Boko haram, after kidnapping the chibok girls put great fear in every Nigerian father with a child. But is there a link between boko haram and 666 code or is it just my brain over working?

Once in a while horrible things happen that makes us want to seek for a form of security that will prevent a recurrence or at least keep our loved ones safe. The danger is that in the face of such horror, most people fail to analyse the security that they are rushing into.

I have two daughters that I love so much and after the kidnapping of the chibok girls, I empathized with their parents but my major concern and worry was how to safeguard my little daughters from kidnappers. How to I ensure that my children where safe from boko haram and their likes when I am not around them?

I know from discussion that most fathers had the same question on their mind.

Then an idea came to me which I am sure came to many fathers. Why can’t there be a device that can be placed on a child so that their parents can know where they are if they are kidnapped. Something like the car tracker system of vehicles.

It made so much sense because we know that if the chibok girls had a form of microchips on them, it would be very very easy to know where they were and go to rescue them. A lot of fathers at the peak of the crises would readily pay for such a chip.

But older men and women are also been kidnapped so, there might be a need to just put the chip into everybody so that with your mobile phone, you can track where you loved ones are at every point in time.

Imagine the relief this will give to parents and loved ones especially when Boko haram starts to gain major grounds or ISIS starts to expand more aggressively. If these start to happen, few fathers and mothers will think twice about putting the chips on their children especially their daughters.

But what if this now becomes so fanciful that you can even send your children money and they can cash it with the chips, thereby eliminating the need for atm cards.

What if everybody with time no longer needs an atm card but can now use that chip to conduct any financial transaction and keep their family members safe from Boko haram and their likes?

What if that is the way the 666 code will work?

What if the code requires an intense pressure and urgent need for security and assurance that every parent will pay to put a micro chip in their children?

If I knowing what I knew, I could give this idea of a chip some serious thought, imagine the number of people who gave it some serious thought too? Imagine what will happen if a more horrible kidnap focussed terrorists group will suddenly materialise?

Do you think we will witness a mad rush to get a chip put on our loved ones and children or that insurance company will insist you have the chip before they can give you life cover?

Just thinking

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