Avoiding The Curse of Entrepreneurship Is Key To Success In Africa


I think that one of the worst things happening to Africa now is the quest for business ownership. Most people I talk with have as a key priority to own their own businesses and most times when they start, they start a little business that carters basically for just them and their family.

The great nations of this world however where not built on entrepreneurship but on opportunities buried inside the opportunities of others. Most great people are greater when they seek carefully for another opportunity in what another person is creating or the fallout from another person’s opportunity

This is backed up in the bible. When the woman with the issue of blood wanted her healing, she could not get it until another opportunity was created for Jairus. She immediately keyed into Jairus opportunity and got her healing.

Before Jairus showed up, she was just one of the people listening to Jesus as he preached by the seaside. But at that seaside, she had no opportunity of getting to Jesus and would never had got have healing if she had tried to get to Jesus as he was teaching.

But the movement another opportunity was created by Jesus agreeing to go and heal Jairus daughter, the woman positioned herself on the path Jesus was going to take to get to Jairus house. By that positioning that aligned with Jairus’ opportunity, she got her healing while others were still waiting for Jesus to start his usual healing round.

Her opportunity lied in the opportunity of Jairus who went to plead with Jesus to come and heal his daughter. The woman positioned herself into that path to Jairus daughter’s healing and also got her own healing.

Most people have not realised the power of positioning themselves along the path of other people’s blessing and getting their own blessing from it. We all want God to bless us without even trying to see if we can benefit by keying into the blessing he gave to another person.

Henry Ford built Ford Motors Corporation but hundreds of millionaires have been made because they keyed into his company. Google has turned hundreds of its employees into multimillionaires because they saw more opportunity in the big opportunity that the founders of Google were taking advantage of. Steve Ballamer became a billionaire as an employee of Microsoft and this is a feat he might not have achieved if he had gone to start a business of his own.

So, do not just go to start your own business. First seek for opportunities in the blessings of others. The bible stated that some people are called to be apostles, some disciples, some teachers, and some helpers.

A helper’s opportunity might be buried in a teacher’s opportunity. She can only achieve her dream by keying into the teacher’s dream.

People need to start finding satisfaction in helping build the dream of another person if it is bigger than their own and can achieve much more than theirs.

It is better to own 1% of a business that is making one billion dollars a year than to one 100% of a business that is making one hundred thousand dollars a year.

Unfortunately, the curse of entrepreneurship is making a lot of people see only the 100% ownership that most times comes with irrelevance rather than the 1% ownership that comes with relevance and wealth.

So, before you rush off to start your own business, ask yourself if it would not be better, wiser and more rewarding for you to key into a bigger vision even if it means you will own just a small portion of the pie.

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