pharmacist council of nigeria

Dear Registrar Pharmacist council of Nigeria, see what your inspectors did to ISA BIO IBRAHIM, a 35 years post graduation pharmacist when he wanted to register a premises.

I think the issue with pharmacist council of Nigeria is that it has become deaf to the cry of the very people its leading. How can pharmacist inspectors be destroying pharmacists and pharmacist council of Nigeria is not even noticing? I just got this mail in response to an article another pharmacist wrote which I posted last week on the injustice she suffered at the hands of Pharmacist council of Nigeria inspector.

This one was written by another pharmacist and because of his age and the people involved, I want to publish what he wrote. I strongly hope that the writer is just claiming to be ISA BIO IBRAHIM and not the ISA BIO IBRAHIM I  saw when I googled his name

His letter to me Reads

My dear colleague you are welcome on board. As a senior colleague registered 1980(35 years) & former Minister of Federal Republic, former Speaker, fomer House of Reps & former Commissioner for Health , FPSN, & FNAPharmacy, I was denied registration of a premise at Garki 2 in Abuja for so called rule of proximity but the same premise was approved for SkyLark Pharmacy. I asked my Lawyers to write FCT INSPECTORATE & PCN . They claimed ignorance of my case. God help us to bring CHANGE in INSPECTORATE DIV OF PHARMACIST COUNCIL OF NIGERIA FCT & LAGOS.? from ISA BIO IBRAHIM

Now I want to know what pharmacist council of Nigeria has to say about this


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