The new mantra in Nigeria is now change. the political climate has just changed and Pharmacist council of Nigeria need to change urgently. I strongly want the pharmacist council of Nigeria governing board to look into these urgent changes that we need in the Nigerian pharmacy sphere especially among young Nigerian Pharmacists. These change that we need urgently include

1, MAXIMUM OF 7 DAYS LOCATION APPROVAL INSPECTION – Pharmacist council of Nigeria needs to make it compulsory for inspectors to inspect a location for approval at most after seven working days. Currently in Lagos it takes at least three to six months before a location is approved. It means that inspectors are making young pharmacists pay for location which they will come after four months to inform the pharmacist that the location can not be approved

2. GET INSPECTORS TO STICK TO THE RULES OF REGISTRATION – Pharmacist council of Nigeria needs to start to apply the rule of law to the registration of premises in Nigeria especially in Lagos. Inspectors must be stopped from generating their own arbitrary laws and applying same to premise registration. I do not understand why different rules have to be applied to different people depending on who you know.

3. CONDUCT REGULAR INSPECTION OF REGISTERED PREMISES AT LEAST ONCE A QUARTER Pharmacist council of Nigeria needs to make it compulsory for her inspectors to visit all pharmacies in their state at least once a quarter. The poor remunerations of pharmacists in Nigeria is because inspectors hardly visit registered premises. Why would a pharmacy owner want to employ a resident pharmacist if he or she knows that nobody will come to check if they have  a pharmacist on duty at all times

4. MAKE THE MANDATORY CONTINUOUS EDUCATION USEFUL – Pharmacist council of Nigeria needs to review the current mandatory continuous education program. I think what the organisers are interested in is just to collect money and go. They rarely care about the impact of the program. A lot of retail pharmacies are failing and I think the job of the program ought to be to help pharmacist improve their skills so as to run their businesses and profession better. Most people go to the program just to eat rice, gist with friends and go home but unfortunately learn nothing useful.

5. DEPLOY TECHNOLOGY – Pharmacist council of Nigeria needs to deploy technology in its operations. I still find it baffling that the council has refused to deploy google mapping that is free and can help the council reduce inspection time to minutes rather than months. With google map, the inspection can be done from PCN office and they can see the registered locations and tell the applying pharmacist if the location he is applying for is okay. I personally can help PCN get the contact detail of the head of Google Nigeria so that she can send her team to help explain to the council how to run it.


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