Amazing Discovery – How Rich Nigerians Stopped Cracking Stone And Started Making Big Money

Rich Nigerian

I have studied the Rag to riches stories of some very rich Nigerians. I found a principle that they used to make so much money that made me write about them because they got the key principle from an ancient garden.

In the book of genesis, it states that a River flows out of Eden to water the garden and from there it parted and became four river heads. This brief mention of the water system that operates in Eden gives a description of how our finances must be organized for us to have a secured and sustainable financial safety net and thus ensure our financial safety.

The river started as a single stream that watered the garden which means that the garden initially depended on that single source of water for it to thrive. After properly watering the garden, the stream did not continue as a single source of water but divided itself.

This tells us that in life, we will usually start our journey to prosperity via an initial single and major source of income. For some people, it will be their job, for others it will be their business, for some it will be an investment, inheritance or one other source of income.

This first major stream must be initially focused and organized to be able to water your system. You must organize it in such a way that it can take care of your basic needs just as the river initially watered only the Garden of Eden.

Where most people miss it is what happens after their basic needs are met. Once the River had watered the Garden well enough, it flowed out of the garden and divided into four river heads that produced wonderful treasures. In fact one of the four rivers called Pishon flows to an area where gold was found.

The water from the initial river, if it did not flow out would have waterlogged the garden and if it had continued as a single river, its ability to irrigate and develop more areas would have been limited. This tells us that once our business starts to do very well or our salary becomes enough to take care of all our basic needs, we must immediately start to diversify.

We must start to move out the excess profit or income into another business area or another income generating area.

Just as the river would have water logged the garden if it did not flow out, if you do not invest your income after your basic needs have been met into another income generating venture, your income will stagnate and needs that are not very important will arise to take up the excess cash.

Like the river, we must venture into other territories with our finance generated from the first source. Let’s say you are a baker and are successful at it, move some of your income into the stock market, bakery equipment servicing and/or another company that is well run but seeks extra fund to expand.

Just as the four rivers did not just flow arbitrarily to any destination but choose area that could produce wealth, you must study the new area you want to venture into before throwing your money into it. Each river although still attached to the main river from the garden was independent of the other streams. This means that, if you start a new income generating system and it starts to suck up funds from another income source when it should be generating income on its own, then it’s time to shut it down.

All your streams of income must be self reliant although connected to you. Thus you need to set up a system for each of them, so that the one that is supposed to be operating in a particular area is on its own functioning well without sucking up extra time, energy or money from you.

Each of the rivers produced different resources that benefited the earth. Each of your streams must be able to independently produce income for you. So, even without your initial major income source i.e. whether you work or not, your streams must be able to give you a wonderful life for as long as you live.

All very successful people started in a single area that generated their initial major income but when their business started to boom, they moved their excess cash into other ventures. Bill Gates started with Microsoft but when he became successful, he moved into other area. So did Warren Buffet. He started with the Buffet partnerships which he later merged into Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire then started moving funds into other companies that now on their own are individually very successful.

They each guarantee the shareholders of Berkshire a secure financial future. Everyone that wants to live a financially stress free life must learn from the streams of the garden of Eden.


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