Dear Madam, if you are the Lady pharmacist that called me about the abuse you are facing at home this morning, please get back to me. Your phone has been switched off and I have been trying to reach you. There is someone I want you to talk to urgently.

Also for the other ladies ¬†especially Lady pharmacist that have been calling me with regards to family abuse, I want you all to call back. I don’t think I have been handling your cases well. I should be following you guys up and not waiting for you to call back. I just realized that maybe God wants me to connect you to some of the women that can give you better advise.

My number still remains 08023622171

Please if you are sending a text kindly remember to delete the message from you phone. Most insecure men go through their wives phones. I will try to setup a helpline with some senior lady pharmacists that you can reach.

I also want to say to my lady pharmacist in business that there is nothing wrong in your being richer than your husband. Every man whose wife is doing very well must see it as a blessing and not a threat to him.

I also think that a lady pharmacist should not hold her success back just because of the insecurity of the man she married.

I also think that a lady pharmacist who is not too sure how her husband will handle her success in business should consider partnering with another pharmacist in setting up their business. But most importantly, get your husband to understand that your success is his success.

Although I have not heard from the husbands but if a man would get to the stage of manhandling his wife because he feels threatened, then that should be the redline.

I also want the association of Lady pharmacist of Nigeria to know that the abuse of lady pharmacists in Nigeria is very high. If they are calling me, it means that they need someone to talk to. The association would need to come up with ways to handle this.

I also would love to get suggestions from senior lady pharmacists on what advise to give these ladies in an abuse relationship driven by factors beyond their control. Kindly send me a mail on corporatekanselor@gmail.com

And to you guys who think that their wives are now punching bags beware because you sleep at night and you do not know what is going through the mind of that woman you abused while you were awake. I got a call a few months back from a lady in the middle of the night who was contemplating doing something nasty to her husband until for some reason she came across one of me videos on youtube.




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