In one of my post on how a food seller could have helped stop boko haram attacks. I showed how we all contributed in creating the monster now call Boko Haram. We all saw the monster growing but pretended not to notice and it has gotten out of hand. But a new monster is been bred which can be seen in the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria. This monster can destroy all the wealth of rich Nigerian pharmacists.

I have been trying to help fight unemployment in my own way. I have helped a furniture maker get jobs worth more than one million naira over the past five months. For each job he hires more hands. I have helped a sign maker make more than N500,000.00 over the past five months, with it he pays his boys.

In fact, I wanted to help fight unemployment and have been pushing my clients to employ more sales reps and other support staff. I do not care if the person been employed as a rep is a pharmacist or none pharmacist provided that a Nigerian youth gets a job and will not join the Boko unemployment Haram.

But, I heard something today from a youth that made me realise that what I have been doing was a retail practice of solving the problem that is about to reach a tipping point. I had gone to a meeting today and while there I over heard a young man describing how they would get AK 47 and initiate a revolution because the pain of unemployment was just too much.

It suddenly hit me that  someone was not listening to these critical mass of people who can initiate a radical change that will destroy a lot of pharmacists and pharmaceutical businesses.

So, I have decided to move from retail mentoring to wholesale business training/ strategy deployment. my plans are these

1. ORGANISE TWICE A WEEK BUSINESS STRATEGY/MENTORSHIP SESSION STREAMED LIVE ON THE NET – I got in touch with someone who does online trainings and google hang out to find out the equipment required for modern live  training streaming. The equipment he gave me would cost at least N1.5 million. I never knew that there was a camera that cost up to half a million naira. I was amazed. The camera is called Black magic 2.5k. I have asked one of my clients to use the money he will pay me for a job to buy some of the camera equipments for me.

2. I have started to look for a hall that can take at least 100 people so that if I can aggressively train 100 people business owners per month to increase their revenue, and these 100 people employ 5 unemployed youths, that will be at least 500 youths directly taken out of the unemployment market, thereby making Nigeria a bit safer. If  I can do this for 12 months, that will be about 6000 youths employed.

But why am I doing this? Why am I so concerned about these unemployment youth? I am doing it for a selfish reason. I want my family to be safe.

I heard the story of a young Nigerian lady who was studying in USA who came to Nigeria to collect some materials for her project in the USA.  She went to the United Nations office in Abuja to get the data she needed and while she waited, the UN building bomber drove into the building with his load of bombs. You can imagine what happened to that young lady.

Her father was a very senior government official who had sent her to study abroad. I believe he saw the threat of the  Almajeris and decided to take his daughter out of the country. He never realised that just a day visit to Nigeria will cost his daughter her life. You may say that serves him right but what if your son or daughter will be at an office the day the unemployed youths of this country will decided to strike and where your child is,is one of their targets?

Experience has shown that the major targets of civil unrest are big organisations that people feel have not done enough to help alleviate the suffering of the people. Pharmaceutical companies fall into this category and most especially banks. Nigerians are angry at these two groups.

From those following this website and the facebook pages are at least ten MDs  of pharmaceutical companies and one Bank MD. I want to reach out to them to start to do something. We can partner in initiating a project that can help at least 6000 youths get a job. We are not doing it for our selves but for our families. I want my children to be safe in this Nation. I can’t take them out of the country forever. So can none of us do. Thus, we must try to do something to fix this unemployment issue

It is not a case of business training. There are people who just want their daily bread. They do not want the riches we are driving at but if we do not help them get their daily bread, the consequences on our accumulated wealth and family can be disastrous. We need to help current business owners do better so that they can employ more youths of this country.

Those willing to do something on their own and not just wait for the government to do something can contact me on

08023622171 or


If unemployed youths are now thinking about carrying AK 47 to start a revolution, do not assume that it will not get to you. Remember the warning of Mordecai to Queen Esther in the bible. Even if you travel out of the country, one day you may decide to visit briefly for a few hours and who knows what will explode on that day.


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