fake nigerian pharmacist

A Fake Nigerian pharmacist recently duped an unsuspecting employer in a pharmaceutical company of millions of Nigeria. Another fake pharmacist has been standing in as pharmacist directors for people that are trying to incorporate their companies with C.A.C.

I have to confess that until this incidence, I never advised my clients to take seriously the verification of the pharmacist the employed. I am now working with my clients to re-verify the pharmacists we have employed for them.

Most of these fake Nigerian pharmacist would apply for pharmaceutical jobs and because unsuspecting employers would assume that no body can submit fake documents, they would just employ without trying to verify the authenticity of the pharmacist that they are employing.

I have taken some cases about this recently to PCN.

I want to strongly suggest that you do the following before employing anybody as a pharmacist to avoid falling into the trap of a fake pharmacist. If anybody applies in your establishment for the job of a pharmacist,

  1. Take the applicant’s copy of License and go to the nearest PCN office to verify that its authentic
  2. Call the Referees on the CV submitted
  3. Ask for the phone number of a classmate of his or hers and call the number to verify
  4. See an original means of ID like driver’s license,
  5. Confirm the address of residence or better still ask for the BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER and go to his or her bank to verify
  6. If you are not a pharmacist employer, get a pharmacist to be part of your interview panel
  7. Ask for past employer contact and call last employer to confirm that they were employed there
  8. Be extra vigilant. The case we are currently handling involves a fake pharmacist that the employ met a PCN where she claimed she came to submit her renewal document but was also looking for a better job.
  9. Check for facts no matter how knowledgeable they are about how PCN, ACPN OR PSN operates in Nigeria. For instance even PCN staff were marvelled at the level of knowledge the fake pharmacist had about registration processes and days of PSN meetings
  10. Genuine pharmacists can turn to a fake pharmacist. A genuine pharmacist can easily dupe you by showing you the original of all his or her documents but will submit forged ones and disappear. So, beware of R n G pharmacist or when your license is delayed unduly. The pharmacist might also be working for your superintendent, but be using his licence else where for RnG but be telling you that PCN has not released your Premises license without you knowing that he did not submit anything.
  11. Beware when your pharmacist starts asking for bulk or lump sum of money. Go and verify that all your documents have been submitted at PCN and that they are genuine. This is for those who have more than one branch of pharmacies.
  12. Send someone to visit your pharmacist at the residence address he gave you without informing him.

Note that this also applies to all your staff. A fake Nigerian pharmacist can ruin your business. For instance, a fake Nigerian pharmacist that you employ as locum pharmacist can prescribe a drug for your patient that can get you into trouble. And once there is trouble that fake Nigerian pharmacist will disappear

If you need help in verifying the authenticity of your pharmacist, call me on 08023622171 or if you need a genuine pharmacist for employment in your establishment.




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