With what is happening to Nigerian economy now, your business assets are what will make your business grow but there is a key business asset that you must protect. This critical business asset is the Good pharmacist or support staff working for you. My question is how have you been protecting this great business asset of yours?

You business asset include your stock, cash, your fixed assets like building e.t.c but for a pharmacy that wants to thrive, the key business asset that you must protect are your very good staff.

The right personnel are what will make your business to grow but having the right personnel and keeping them are two different things.

Pharmacy businesses stall when the owners do not notice their sales driving personnel getting dissatisfied within the system. Most pharmacists do not know how to treat their good staff well. they think because they own the business that they have a right to do what ever they want.

Imagine you work for one of the greatest leaders in the world like Jesus. Do you know how he will work with you?Jesus shows pharmacists how to treat their staff if they want to grow their business.

TREAT THEM AS A CRITICAL BUSINESS ASSET – Jesus one day took a bowl of water and started to wash the feet of his staff after they hand a long day walk. You must learn to serve your staff so that they can serve your customers. How you serve and treat your staff will determine how they will serve and treat your customers.

PROTECT THEM – When Jesus was about to leave the earth, he prayed to God to protect his disciples just as he had protected them. Most business owners do not understand the need to protect their staff especially from work related hazards. I witnessed the worst form of staff exposure to risk when I saw some NEPA staff moving out to cut electricity when their bosses knew that Nigerians where very angry with them.

PRAISE THEM AND CORRECT THEM OPENLY – Most pharmacy business owners find it difficult to praise their staff who did right openly but will readily reprimand them openly. Peter was the most enthusiastic among Jesus staff. Jesus praised peter when he did well openly but also reprimanded him openly when he stepped out of bound. Your staff crave appreciation from you and once you give it to them, they will work hard. However, your staff are also watching to see how you treat miss behaviours like lateness, stealing. If you do not reprimand a staff that did something wrong that other staffs are aware of openly, the other staff will take that as a command to break your rules

TRAIN THEM REGULARLY – This is one amazing aspect of Jesus ministry. He realised that he would get better results with more highly trained team than trying to do everything by himself. In the gospel, you will find that more than 70% of the time, Jesus was teaching, instructing and giving practical example to his disciples.

You need to train your staff to get the best out of them. the first stage is to make sure you employ the best. Once you have done that, make sure that at least once a month, you give them a form of training either internally by yourself or externally by inviting an external resource person.

You can also register them at KANSELOR UNIVERSITY that offers a lot of specialised trainings for people that want to develop their capacity

There are also a lot of trainings videos like this one below that you can get your staff to watch so as to give them better job security and grow your business.

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