3 Kinds Of Friends With Benefits That Are Holding You Down


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I know a man who had a lots of friends with benefits attached to the friendship.These friends will flock around him from morning till evening. Some will even sleep in his place. He saw his friends as people who would always be there for him no matter what. This was until his business crashed and it hit him very hard that what he had were friends with benefits. Friends who remained with him as long as they could benefit something from him.

So, I have decided to point out to you the different kinds of friends with benefits attached to the friendship that you must get rid of no matter how much you think that they value your friendship

1. FRIENDS WITH VILE WORDS – The bible says in the book of Isaiah 32 that a vile tongue will dry up a hungry bone and with make a water tasteless to a thirsty man. There are friends around you who are full of negativity.They always seem to have a pin to burst the bubble of any great plan you come up with. They can always find a way of making you feel less than you really are.

I used to have friends with benefits like that. Any time I visited them, I will always have a feeling that made me feel less impressed with myself. They will say a word before I leave them that will make me feel less hopeful about myself than I was before I came to visit them. I never attached much to this until my wife one day said we should stop visiting them because she did not like the looks in their eyes. And it hit me that these friends with benefits though they were very rich but they never inspired me which was my major reason for going to visit them.

Analyse your friends by what they have been saying and start to cut of those that make you feel less inspired any time you leave their presence

2. FRIENDS THAT FEEL THAT YOU OWE THEM FOR BEING THEIR FRIENDS – A young man once walked up to Jesus and said to him ‘Rabbi, ask my brother to share the inheritance with me’. The Jewish inheritance system entitles the elder brother to a double portion but this young man felt that because Jesus was his friend, that Jesus owes it to him to command his elder brother to immediately share the inheritance with him. He never cared about what Jesus was teaching that could make him richer. All he cared about was what he felt Jesus owed him which was an executive order to his brother.

There are people around you who feel that they are entitled to something you have just because they are your friends. These friends with benefits arrogate to themselves the right to what you have and will feel slighted when you do not give them a part of you. The danger with these kinds of friends with benefit is that they will always want more after you give them. They will get to a stage of assuming that most of what you have was from been their friend and thus will feel they are entitled to all you own and would start scheming to take what you have from you.

The answer of Jesus must guide you in dealing with these friends with benefits attached. Jesus immediately asked him who made Him a judge over him and his brother meaning Jesus asked him what made him think he was entitled to get Jesus take over the responsibility of sharing inheritance for him. You must eliminate all friends with benefits that by his or her action shows that they feel entitled to what you own

3. FRIENDS THAT TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE WITHOUT TELLING YOU – I know people who will come to their friends office, collect money from their staff without telling them or goods without paying. Judas is a typical example of such a friend because he was Jesus friend, he would always take money from the money given to Jesus without telling Jesus about it.

Never give any of your friends with benefits attached to it that allowance to walk into your business and take things without your authorisation. The danger of this no matter how close these friends with benefits attached might be to you is that they will start to induce your staff and other friends without that tendency to start to help themselves to what you have without your authorisation.

These are a deadly set of friends with benefits that can destroy you just as we saw with Judas and Jesus. Take them out of your system before they take you out.

As I always say, your success depends more on the opportunities that you refuse to take than on those you take. Your success depends a lot more on the less number of friends with benefits that you have than on what your friends can do for you.

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