#100,000 Bet That Pharmacist Council Of Nigeria Does Not Have A Computer

pharmacist councilI want to  put up a challenge of #100,000 and for you to win it is by showing an evidence that pharmacist council of Nigeria has a functional computer.

It amazes me how you will never get an official reply to any letter you write to the pharmacist council of Nigeria. I once wrote a letter in March of last year to lay a complaint at the Lagos zonal office. I never got any response. In september of 2014 I wrote a complaint letter to Abuja about a case of victimization. Nothing has been heard from PCN about that.

I was not surprised when a pharmacist who was a former minister Isa Ibrahim Bio was told by council that the council is not aware of an official letter he wrote.

But here is my challenge. If any pharmacist has ever written a letter to pharmacist council of Nigeria and gotten a written response even if it’s after two years, let that person show me the proof and win my award.

My simple conclusion is that either the council does not have working computers or that they know that their letters reply will implicate them in the injustices been carried out or that they don’t think that pharmacists are worthy of getting responses to their letters.

I want to appeal to well meaning Nigerians to donate computers to PCN so that we can start getting responses to our mails. For instance nobody will ever bother to tell you officially that your inspection application visit was approved despite the fact that you wrote an official letter and paid thousands of naira for the inspection.

I was at a program a few days back hosted by my mentor Prof Pat Utomi. One of the things the consulate General of the US that spoke at the event said was critical for success was the respect for laid down procedure and protocol. If a simple protocol of responding to official mails is totally disregarded by PCN, I wonder why pharmacists in Nigeria should expect respect from other bodies. I strongly believe this is why NAFDAC took over the job of PCN with regards to drugs importation.

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