Becoming a wealthy pharmacist is the dream of most young Nigerian pharmacists and here are ten keys that if you start to use, will open the doors to millions for you.

1. STATE CLEARLY WHAT WEALTH MEANS TO YOU – Most pharmacists want to become wealthy pharmacist but when you ask them to tell you what specifically wealth means to them, they can not describe in clear terms what will happen for them to know that they have become wealthy pharmacist. You must from day one state clearly what wealth means to you. When you do that, you will know the paths to take to getting there.

Its just like when someone wants to travel. You do not say you want to travel and pack your bag and hit the road. You usually will tell yourself where you are heading to. You must tell yourself the exact place you are getting to if you want to be wealthy.


2. SET A FIVE YEAR GOAL AND STICK TO IT – If you want to be rich or become a wealthy pharmacist, you must set definite goals that you want to achieve over the next five years at least. No one ever achieves anything meaningful without a specific set of goals. You must have at least one very big scary audacious goal that you set to achieve over the next five years. You set it not necessary because you must achieve it but you set it because of what the process of going after a big goal outside your comfort zone will transform you and make you a person with a bigger world view.

Its just like a person who set a goal of running in the Olympic finals. Even if he or she does not win, there is a confidence that just running in that race will give him or her. If they run in other races, they would no longer see those races as a big deal because they have participated in something bigger. For me, I have set a 10 year big goal of establishing a University in Nigeria.

Goals help keep you focused and eliminates irrelevant things from you. If you write a set of goals today and work with them daily for the next five years, no force can stop you from becoming a very wealthy pharmacist.

3. COMMIT 10,000 HOURS OF STUDY AND LEARNING ABOUT MONEY, WEALTHY PEOPLE AND SUCCESSFUL PHARMACIES – It takes at least 10,000 hours for anyone to achieve any level of great success in any industry. Take becoming a pharmacist. If you want to become a pharmacist, you study pharmacy for five years. each year, you are in school for at least 300 days. Each day you study for about seven hours on average. if you multiply 5 years by 300 days by 7 hours, you will get 10,500 hours.

This is why most professional courses are read in five years and other none professional courses are 4 years. The same principle applies to becoming very rich. You need to commit at least three hours everyday to studying finances, wealth, wealthy people and successful pharmacies.

4. BECOME A GOOD COMMUNICATOR –  If you can not communicate effectively, forget trying to become wealthy. Its money from other people that will make you a wealthy pharmacist. And its your ability to communicate that will convince them to give you their money. Warren Buffet said that when he set his goal of becoming very rich, one of the things he did was to attend a Dale Carnegie public speaking course.

If you want to become a wealthy pharmacist, you must start now to learn how to communicate in public. I will strongly suggest you read the book HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. I will also suggest you join a TOAST MASTERS club around you. You can find a local chapter at www.toastmasters.org or simply google toastmasters in Nigeria. save a pharmacy

5, COMMIT TO KNOWING THE INFLUENCERS IN THE INDUSTRY – Its who you know and not what you know that will make you a wealthy pharmacist. Most importantly though, its who the person you know knows that will make you successful. If you want to establish a multimillion naira pharmaceutical firm now, you need investors and financiers. So, do you know anybody to whom 100 million naira is not a big deal or who knows the MDs of the banks in Nigeria? You must have in your network at least 10 people to whom what you are aiming for is not a big deal.

I have an idea that would cost at least 100 million to execute and I have been working to get top Nigerian influencers into my network.

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  • March 3, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    It is not whom you know that matters, but what you know…. ‘they that do know their God, shall be strong and do exploits. ”

    Not those that do know people. I am not belittling the power in networking but the fact still remains that what you know comes before whom you know.

    Keep soaring!


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